Lin Yi was born in Nantou, Taiwan, in 1983, currently living and working in London UK. He is a visual artist specialising in painting, digital graphics and moving images.

Lin Yi has reached a stage in his career as an artist, in which he has been advancing a personal study of “Qi”. Qi is the name given to the expression of emptiness in Oriental art forms, epitomised through the hidden flow of calligraphy, the space woven within Guqin music or the expression of movement within Taiji marshal art.

The journey that any artist embarks upon, into the unseen and unmapped voids of their personal creative development, can be challenging, whilst always a journey of enrichment. Gaining not just technique, or experience, but through occupying a part of oneself which is singularly focused on expressing that which is within, and embarking on the critical exposure of a created form.

The movement of Qi is invisible. And so Lin Yi works through recording the movement of small fragments of his paintings, whose motion itself become a static image with unique glitch-like and unpredictable shapes. Each fragment then generates steps in form and personality, becoming a palette of colours and material with which he combines elements, advancing the static forms of hidden motion into a poetic dialogue. Each evolving part of Lin Yi’s composition is woven through empty space, thus creating an invitation into emptiness and into Qi.

The evocation of emptiness in any art form is also the art of generating a space into which the viewer or participant can explore beneath the surface of their own perception. It removes the immediate cues that we are used to using, to guide our thoughts in the anticipated structure of normal life, and it plunges us into unchartered territory, where we are forced to confront those thoughts, feelings and emotions which lie beneath us.

As an artist, engaging the silent dialogue that can be found within emptiness, is both a purpose and a poetic endeavour. This emptiness enriches the possibility of how we can actually feel, all that evolves around us. And working with the techniques of randomising form, has enabled Lin Yi to discover and engage a language which can traverse this emptiness and open up the passage for contemplation of the new found space beyond.

The aim of Lin Yi’s work has always been to rediscover a form of visual poetry through lucidly woven and colliding form and expression. It becomes the evocation of his own unique journey into emptiness, and the poetry that can be found within it.



2013    MA Graphic Moving Image, London College of Communication, UAL
2004-2007    BA Visual Communication Design, Kun Shan University



Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House, London

“The Urge to Create Vision” 1929-2017, Polish Museum of Contemporary Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland

Aspen Art Collection, London, UK and New York, USA

RE search, think, make Graduation Show, London, UK

BUSAN International Film Festival, Busan, South Korea
ANIMATU International Digital Animation Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
MUSIQUESCAPE Join Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

Pick a Freedom magnate 002 Re Join Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

Young Designer’s Exhibition 2006, Taipei, Taiwan
The 1st Southern Taiwan Youth Design Exhibition, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
The 2nd Art & Science International Exhibition, Shanghai, China
The Youth Film Festival of Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Music Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan



ASPEN Online Art Award
ANIMATU International Digital Animation Festival – Shortlisted
Taiwan International Design Competition – Shortlisted
Kaohsiung Digital Design Competition – First Prize
The 1st Southern Taiwan Youth Design Exhibition – Shortlisted
The Youth Film Festival of Taiwan – Second Prize
The 2nd Nation-wide Student Animation Competition – Shortlisted
The 2nd Art & Science International Exhibition – Shortlisted
Music Film Festival – Shortlisted
NanYin Fine Arts Exhibition of Tainan City – Shortlisted
Global Chinese Language Animation Competition – Shortlisted
The 13th Times Awards – Shortlisted