On Thursday 8th May, at a private event held in Aspen’s Fenchrch Street Office, YI-Chun Lin of the London College of Communication was announced as the winner of the Aspen Award for Online Art.

The selection panel, made up of some of Aspen’s senior executive team as well as new media curator Attilia Fatter Franchini, praised Yi-Chun for his visually stimulating proposal which draws on ancient Chinese Shan-shui paintings to provide an alternative digital landscape for contemplation.

They were impressed by the way he rethinks the virtual and physical space by using different media across the production process – from drawings to glitch scanning – to create his collection of high resolution animations.

Yi-Chun will be awarded a commission worth £4,000 in order to develop his proposal into a completed art work which will join the Aspen Art collection and will go on display on Aspen Art website and within Aspen’s Offices around the world. He will receive support from the Contemporary Art Society and True Digital, Developers of Aspen’s websites.

Our thanks go out to all the artists who took part in the Aspen Award for Online Art. We have been absolutely delighted by the responses that we received and all proposals can still be seen in our Shortlist section.

For more information on the award, please contact Aspen’s online communication associate, Michael Davenport at



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Launched in 2013 by Aspen Insurance in association with the Contemporary Art Society, the Aspen Online Art Award is the UK’s award specifically for online art.

Aspen’s involvement with the prize and with online art, a rapidly emerging field within contemporary art, represents Aspen’s commitment to cutting-edge creative practice.

The award also reflects the Contemporary Art Society’s mission to identify and support emerging artists in the UK and to provide a platform to showcase important new work for the benefit of audiences across the country.

Aspen Award

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