Output – Major Project


The primary intention of the film is to foster an appreciation of Oriental philosophy.

At the beginning of the film I introduce the audience to important natural elements, such as rocks, water waves and trees. I hope this will give the audience a peaceful feeling, comparable to viewing Shanshui paintings.

The movement is animated especially smoothly and slowly so the audience can gradually calm and follow, or ‘go with’ the flow of the movement.

By slowing down the movement I want the audience to see the complex detail more clearly. This thus may evoke a perspectives rarely used when viewing mainstream movies.


Long, long ago, at the beginning of time
When the Earth was supported by roots,
Dry ground was still forming,
Slow and rare

The seas raged on and on
Formed from the tears of a solitary giant
He was full of sadness from being so lonely

The giant cared for the fragile Earth
He cultivated the plants and trees
Growing on the land that rose slowly above the raging seas

It was then that the people with two eyes were born
They were born from fire and learnt how to use fire.

They chopped down trees to feed their fires
And thinking of little other, other than their own comfort

Fires would rage out of control
Sometimes an accident, Sometimes deliberate
Obliterating the ground on which they stood

The fragile Earth started to crumble away into the angry seas
But the people never once saw this as a problem they had created
Only looking ahead to reach their goals, never once looking back at the devastation they had caused…


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