Primal” (2007) was a short film that not only represents a state of being, but also implies that there is an end point: that is, when an object moves away from one point in space and time, it simultaneously moves toward another. The result of this transformation from “in“ to “out” is a cycle of reincarnation. All life forms constantly shift between life and death. Although the state and appearance of an organism may change over the time through evolution some of the primal elements of its nature will remain.

Science has revealed that most species on the earth share some genes in common.

The film starts with a graphical representation of the primal state of life, with cells propagating on-screen, followed by a gene-like, double-helix chain that simulates organic movement. The continuous camera movement demonstrates the idea of evolution as an on-going process. When life is born from an egg or in the womb of a mother, the cycle of change begins. And just as newly created life marks a beginning, it also marks the inevitable march towards death and rebirth.

The film uses ink blots, similar to those used in Rorschach tests. I found that when studying the random patterns created by the ink blots, I saw natural forms such as plants and animal life. I used these abstract shapes to create more primal, early life forms that will evolve into life forms that we would recognise today.


Title: Primal

Medium: Moving Image

Dimension: video 720 x 480 @ 29.97 fps 2min 18 seconds

Year: 2007